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Click on the icon to the right to find out about our Erotic Electro Stimulation products! is the original website and mail-order company for the pansexual* and pangender**  BDSM bondage and mummification, medical fetish and tactile fetish enthusiasts (rubber, leather, plastic, nylon, spandex®, PVC, etc.).  As long time members of the leather, bondage and medical fetish communities, our experience and knowledge enabled us to locate and develop great sources for the tools, toys and products of BDSM scene play.

Our collection of extreme bondage items, include straitjackets, bondage wraps, cuffs, mummification products, extreme restraints, sounds sets, percussion tools, anal toys, catheters, enemas, medical toys, cock & ball torture and nipple torture, just to mention a few.

 We have a Solo Play section for all of those who prefer to keep it to themselves.  We realized that many of our friends in the scene may not have partners to share the experience with, or simply prefer to enjoy their own fantasies, alone! Since most of our products are very "solo-user friendly", we incorporated a system to identify them easily! You will see the icon which states, "Great for Solo Play"***  on the product page next to the item(s). These icons are located throughout the various products pages, as we noted those particular items which we feel are very well suited for solo play. 
Take playing with yourself to a whole new level!

 An open mind is the key to exploring ourselves. Be sure to keep that open mind fed by visiting our Library of Kink. It's a huge listing of great books, manuals and "how-to" guides  for the pansexual erotic BDSM community!  

Consider your visit here at, a doorway to that exploration. While visiting us, feel free to delve into some of the deep dark regions of your sexual imagination and fetish fantasy. 

  *** "Pansexuals honor all sexes and all safe-sane-consensual expressions of adult sexuality, like any enlightened person would..." -Laura Goodwin

For those 18 years of age or older, seeking edgy, intelligent
pansexual BDSM bondage erotica and products and more... welcome!

Under the age of 18 or not sure why you are here?... please go here


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