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Silicone One Gallon Enema Kit Enema-Douche Bulb Syringe
Black  One Gallon Enema Kit
Anal/Rectal Dilator Set 2.0 Qt. Enema Kit NEW! Giant Ribbed Inflatable Nozzle
Latex Gloves Enema Tip Kit Inflatable XL Enema Nozzle
Nozzle Connectors Advanced Shower Shot System
6 oz. Chrome Syringe
60cc & 100cc Plastic Syringes
Shower Shot w/Dong

One Gallon Silicone Enema Bag
with complete Kit 
One Gallon Silicone enema Kit from CleanStream

Silicone is a much more durable, long lasting material than rubber or latex due to its properties which are impervious to the wear and tear of time, heat or chemicals thus, not as fragile as rubber. With the semi-transparent silicone and reliability, it is undoubtedly the very best enema bag that you can buy. We do also sell the Rubber One Gallon Enema Kit for our beloved rubber freaks, of course!

Zipper Bag for One Gallon Enema Kit

The set comes in a large vinyl zipper pouch for storage. All of our other enema nozzles fit, too!  So if you're ready for the big one... here it is!

One Gallon Silicone Enema Kit  
by CleanStream

Item #300-8012  
Price: $165.00 $109.95

One Full Gallon Rubber Enema Bag
  Complete Kit

One Gallon Enema Kit from CleanStream

A full one gallon/ four quarts rubber open top enema bag attaches to 2 meters (approx. 6.5 foot long hose) and includes our enema tips set , hose clamp and a steel hanging hook with protective coating. The unique ABS material holds up longer than standard rubber bags.

Zipper Bag for One Gallon Enema Kit

The set comes in a large vinyl zipper pouch for storage. All of our other enema nozzles fit, too!  So if you're ready for the big one... here it is!

Black Rubber One Gallon Enema Kit
by CleanStream
Item #300-8010 
Price: $104.95


Enemas have been administered to the willing (and the not-so-willing) for eons! They are at the same time, a health device as well as an extremely erotic play apparatus. For many who have come to enjoy (and possibly have made their own fetish!) the long, slow full feeling of the internal flushing of an enema or "clyster" as it was originally named, knows that this sensation has become an art form!

We offer a very thorough [pun intended] collection of  enema bags, 26 ounce enema- douche style, anal and rectal dilators  inserts , enema nozzles , G-I-A-N-T enema nozzles, enema tips set...   not to mention our one gallon enema bags (also available in silicone for longevity!) 

So be sure to bookmark this page and check in as we continue to add more great enema equipment and apparati... one never can have enough of the proper tools to get the job done correctly, now can they?

  Inflatable Butt Plug
Enema Nozzles
Hear ye! Hear ye! Not only have they returned to their proper throne (pun intended!) ...Our favorite prodigal child, the Inflatable Butt Plug Enema Nozzle has multiplied ...original size and newer extra-large size! They are ready to attach to our Silicone Enema Hose with a #5 Connector or a standard enema hose, like our 2 quart set with the elongated tip included in that set.

Available in two sizes:
#320-3004: 4" insertable, deflated widest width is 1 3/4", inflated widest width is 3" plus.

#320-3006: 5.5" insertable, deflated widest width is 2 1/4", inflated widest width is 4" plus.

Inflatable Butt Plug Enema Nozzle
Item #320-3004 
Price: $50.00


Inflatable XL Butt Plug Enema Nozzle
Item #320-3006 
Price: $68.95


The X-Large Ribbed Butt Plug Enema Nozzle is H-U-G-E !!

X-Large Inflatable Ribbed Enema Nozzle Demo
Click on photo for larger image
Shower Shot Watersports
with Dong
Shower Shot w/ Dong

A great way to surprise your partner in the shower! This water accessory easily installs onto any standard shower for an incredible burst of water pleasure and cleansing sensation. Screw the Spraying Water Dong into the chrome flex hose for a secure mount.

 The perforated soft jelly dong is 6.5" long with diameters up to 1.5" at the base.
It attaches to the non-tarnishing, nickel-free flex hose that is almost 45 inches long. The washers are included to prevent any water leaks. Turn any shower into a watersports event!

Shower Shot with Dong
Item #300-7013
Price: $34.95


Black Enema Douche Syringe
Black Enema / Douche Bulb Syringe

This Silicone Enema-Douche Syringe allows you to quickly fill the bulb, attach the long smooth nozzle, and then insert for a quick, comfortable cleanse. Squeeze the easy-grip bulb to release a spray of water inside you that offers an incredible stimulation along with an enema (or douche) flush!

Bulb Enema Syringe

Nozzle tip is approx. 5.25" long
 2.5" circumference
Bulb holds 300 ml

Black Enema Bulb Syringe
Item #300-7005
Price: $16.95


Inflatable Ribbed X-Large Enema Nozzle
  Inflatable X-Large Ribbed
Butt Plug Enema Nozzle

The "Oh My God!" of enema nozzles! ... very much large and in charge! Already an intimidating size, the "ribs" add even more sensations and pleasures. It is 7" long from nozzle opening to base and 3" at its widest "rib". It can inflate up 3-4".
It's ready to attach to our Silicone Enema Hose (which comes in the Gallon Kits) with a #5 Connector or will fit on a standard 5/16" enema hose that comes with the 1.5 quart set using the elongated tip, which is included in that set. This definitely rates as one of the monsters of all enema nozzles!

Inflatable X-Large Ribbed
 Enema Nozzle

Item #320-3010
Price: $75.00

Anal/Rectal Dilators Set
Anal/Rectal Dilator Set
Each Anal-Rectal Dilator set includes 5 plugs, which gradually increase in size. The idea is to start out and work your way up byinserting the plug, first, then holding it in position over periods of 15 minutes or so for maximum stretching. Each plug is made of smooth TPE for comfortable insertion and has a flared base for easy removal.

 Total Lengths (small to large):
3.5", 4", 4.25", 4.5", 5"
 Total Widths (small to large):
1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2"

Item #300-6020
Price: $58.00 only $29.95


2.0 Quart Enema Bag Kit 
Enema Kit
A complete kit, includes a red rubber water bottle style enema bag of two full quarts capacity, flow line tubing, shut-off clamp, anal and vaginal nozzles with adapters. Everything you need for pre-play cleansing or an erotic enema play session!

Item #300-9005
Price: $23.95


Enema Tips Collection Set

Enema Tip Kit

Variety is the spice of life! So why not add some variety to the enema? With this complete kit of enema tips and the handy adapter connector for tubing or enemas, nozzles, etc. every enema can have a different effect or sensation! What an idea!! 

Black Enema Tip Set
Item #300-2022
Price: $26.00


Advanced Shower Shot Enema Kit
Advanced Shower Shot
Enema / Douche Set

Your shower becomes an at-home pulsating pleasure place with this Advanced Shower Shot System. It is an advanced hygienically superior enema or douche cleansing system. The universal adapter with permanent directional valve allows user to quickly switch from the faucet or shower to the Advanced Shower Shot. Installs easily in shower, bath, or sink.

  • 3.25” x .5” / 8 cm x 1 cm (pinpoint spray attachment)
  • 5.25” x .75” / 13 cm x 2 cm (tiered multi-use wand)
  • 4.75” x .75” / 12 cm x 2 cm (standard douche attachment)
  • Advanced hygienically superior cleaning system
  • Over 6 feet / 1.75 meters of non-tarnishing, Nickel-free, non-crimping hose
  • 3 variable spray attachments
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Stainless Steel (hose) ABS (attachments, adapter, connector, controller) Rubber (washers)

(click image for larger view)

Advanced Shower Shot
Enema / Douche Set

Item #300-7014 
Price: $69.95


Surgical Lubricant

Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly. Surgical lube is especially formulated for surgical and gynecological lubrication. Available from various manufacturers, so packaging and logos may differ from photo shown.
This is a 4 oz. tube.

Item #460-2000
Price: $7.95


Enema Nozzle and Enema Bag Classic Integrated Connectors

Item# 300-5000 #1 - The same connector as in our tip-set box 1/2" barb to 1/2" barb to connect our standard hoses to our gallon bags or whatever 
Price: $4.00


     Item #300-5001 #2 - 1/2" barb to 5/16" barb 
Price: $4.00


     Item #300-5002 #3 - 5/16" barb to 5/16" barb 
Price: $4.00


     Item #300-5005 #4 - Y-connector - all three 1/2" barbs 
Price: $4.25


  Item #300-5010 #5 - Tapered fitting for Colon Tubes 1/2" barb 
Price: $5.00


     Item #300-5011 #6 - Tapered fitting for Colon Tubes 5/16" barb 
Price: $5.00

NOTE: Both tapers are 5/16" to 3/4" for a secure fit

Large Chrome Syringe
Chrome Syringe
Looking for the ultimate "attention- getter" in the clinic? Well, just flash this huge 6 fluid oz. chrome syringe in their face and watch the reaction!  The perfect apparatus for those times of quick enemas (attach a hose) or for just some major intimidation! It comes with a removable splash guard and nozzle... no one will dare to call this a little squirt!

Item #260-4030
Price: $34.95


100 cc Irrigation Syringe
100cc Irrigation Syringe
We have had so many request for a "really large plastic syringe for doing enema play" for years and the largest we could come up with was our 60cc Syringe... well now we have it!  Another 40cc's = a full 100cc plastic irrigation syringe with elongated tip. It's so sexy looking for "feeding" our medical fetishist's fantasies!

100 cc Irrigation Syringe
Item #260-4028
Price: $12.95


60 cc Plastic  Syringe

A full 60cc's (2 fluid ounces) in this plastic disposable syringe. Great for a variety of uses, such as lube insertion, quick water flushes, or attached to a catheter! Handy, lightweight and easy to use, these are always a welcomed addition to any medical fetish play scene!

Item #260-4025 
Price: $7.95


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