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Pussy Pump Cups

Pussy Pumping Cups

For puffed and pouty lower "love lips"'s got to be Pussy Pumping! Sexy to look at,  sexy to touch and feels oh-so-sexy to do!  Create the popular "Camel Toe"! These are designed for comfort and long life usage! Measurements are inner dimensions. Be sure to measure accurately!


Don't Forget The Vacuum Pump!

Measure and order accurately... for hygiene reasons, we can not accept returns or exchanges on the vacuum penis cylinders, vacuum nipple cylinders and/or vacuum pussy cups! So measure twice to be sure!

Click here for sizing!

  Small = 3.5"L X 2.5"W X 2" Deep
Medium = 4.0" X 3.0" X 2 1/8" Deep
Large = 4.5"L X 3.5" W X 2.25" Deep

Item #400-4000 
Small Pussy Cup 
Price: $85.00


Item #400-4001 
Medium Pussy Cup 
Price: $85.00


Item #400-4002 
Large Pussy Cup 
Price: $85.00


Item #400-4003
 X-Large Pussy Cup 
Price: $90.00

Item #400-4004 
XX-Large Pussy Cup 
Price: $95.00


Connector T-Hose 

Vacuum Connecr T-Hose
If you plan on pumping two areas (like both nipples!) at the same time, you will need this T-Hose! It has a singular attaching point to the pump, with two connectors for the cylinders. Works great for "partner pumping" too!

Item# 400-8010
Price:  $40.00
Complete T-Hose Connection


HydroMax Penis Pumping System for Bath - ShowerAmazing new concept in Penis Pumping... the HYDROMAX X30 from Bathmate!

It's been a well known fact in the "pumping community" that using the penis vacuum pumping systems while in the bath or shower is a quicker and more effective way of getting results, because of the warmth and moisture which help expand the muscle tissues. So, a few years ago, a body builder "pumper" developed his own version of a penis vacuum pump to use while he was in the tub and now it has evolved and perfected over the last few years into this unique and ever "growing" in popularity, Hydromax X30!

His basic idea was using the warm water to help while pumping... and with his ingeniously developed water flow valve and overall detailed attention of comfort, fit and function... the rest is history! And now you too can discover this amazing penis enlargement device! Designed to deliver more pumping power, it includes the super comfort sleeve for maximum comfort while pumping and a 360 degree Swivel Bellows. The Bellows system incorporates a new soft sealing with a full support comfort ring to give you reduced pressure and greater comfort around the penis base and testicle region. The internal bellows size is large which reduces the number of convolutes  to allow you to gain even more impressive girth expansion. It is also removable for ease of cleaning.

The Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for single hand filling in the shower, making using and positioning this hydropump so easy. The guide scale is in both metric and imperial measurements and gives you an easy to see visual viewing area. The upper and lower texturing on the vacuum tube offers better grip and control, while using in the tub or shower. There is nothing like the Hydromax X30, developed by the inventor of the original Bathmate, it is more powerful, durable and above all comfortable to use!

Just like "standard" penis vacuum pumping, the health benefits for men are remarkable! Use daily for sexual helath and stamina.

Wet HydroMax

11.4 inches tall (uncompressed), 8.7 inches tall (when compressed), approximately 2 inches in diameter

See this video for how to use The HydroMax in either your Bath or your Shower!

How To Use the HydroMax by Bathmate

HydroMax - Penis Enlargement

HydroMax Water Penis Pumping System
Item #400-6500
  Price: $159.95


Vacuum Pumping FAQ's

Q1. Does this really work?
A1. Yes! The same way working out in a gym for the muscle mass of your legs, arms, shoulders, etc. the muscle mass is stretched and engorge to develop larger with the vacuum suction.

Q2. Can I use any pumping device with these cylinders and cups?
A2. No! These are designed to be used with the Deluxe Pump for the proper fit of the connector and the best function for measurements with the PSI meter for accuracy and consistency.

Q3. I ordered the wrong size, now what?
A3. As we clearly state, for hygiene purposes we cannot take these items back, so measure accurately and order correctly the first time to prevent making a costly error.

Q4. Why can't I get enough vacuum? It seems like it's leaking air somehow??
A4. This is usually indicative of an improper seal, either due to hair or "bumps" in the skin or not enough lube being used for the seal. Always be sure the area is completely hair free and use lots of lube! And try to be sure the base is always as flat and flush with the surface of the body as possible. The last case scenario may be that the wrong size was ordered.

Pumping Lube
Pumper's Lube
The name says it all... this is the definitive lube designed to be used with the pumping cylinders. Made of a Silicone formula, this lube  safe and the perfect long lasting lube for use with any pumping devices. Get the maximum suction power! All in uniquely designed no spill, no mess bottles!

Item  #460-6000
4.2 oz. Platinum Formula
Price: $22.00

Item  #460-6001
8.9 oz. Platinum Formula
Price: $42.00

Item  #460-6002
16.4 oz. Platinum Formula
Price: $79.00


Penis Pumping Cylinder

Penis Cylinder shown
 with Hand Pump
and Lube

Premium quality, premium comfort in design, this is the best for fit, form and function! You will need to verify which size is needed by measuring the circumference of the thickest part of the penis. Then compare it to the number in the parentheses to the right to choose the correct cylinder for your needs! 
They are 10" long.

Penis Pumping Working

  Don't Forget the Hand Pump!

Click here for details 
on how to measure...
it's really easy!

Measure and order accurately... for hygiene reasons, we can not accept returns or exchanges on the penis cylinders, nipple cylinders and/or pussy cups! So measure twice to be sure!

Item #400-6000 
1 1/2" Penis Cylinder 
Price: $75


Item #400-6001 
1 3/4" Penis Cylinder 
Price: $75


Item #400-6002 
2" Penis Cylinder
Price: $75

Item #400-6003 
2 1/4" Penis Cylinder 
Price: $75


Item #400-6004
 2 1/2" Penis Cylinder

Price: $75.00


Item #400-6005 
2 3/4" Penis Cylinder
 Price: $75


Efficient Vacuum Hand Pump
 Vacuum Pump

  Our latest addition to the offerings for vacuum pumping, this pump is so easy to use and just as easy on the budget! Lighter weight and streamlined rubber grip handles make it a must have for all of your pumping needs! It works with a single-handed "squeeze the trigger" method and the vacuum pressure gauge accurately displays the vacuum readings of your pumping routine from 0-30 inches Hg (Hg = mercury!) or 0-76 cm Hg. It comes ready to use with the hose and coupling attachment for all of our various penis, clitoris and nipple tubes and/or cylinders and pussy (labia) cups. 

Item #400-8001

   Vacuum Hand Pump 
Price:  $75.00


Nipple/Clit Vacuum 
Pumping Cylinders

Nipple/Clit Vacuum Cylinders

For serious nipple and/or clitoral enhancement and enlargement, these nipple cylinders will do the job! They are designed with the same comfort style as the penis cylinders, but are much, much smaller to fit correctly over the nipples or the clitoris.

Available in:

 Small = 1/2" wide 
Medium = 5/8" wide 
Large = 3/4" wide
X-Large = 1 1/4" wide

    Don't Forget The Vacuum Pump!

Click here for sizing!

Measure and order accurately... for hygiene reasons, we can not accept returns or exchanges on the penis cylinders, nipple cylinders and/or pussy cups! So measure twice to be sure!

Clitoris Cylinders (Singles)

Item #400-2000 
1/2" Clitoris Cylinder
 Price: $30.00


Item #400-2001 
5/8" Clitoris Cylinder 
Price: $30.00


Item #400-2002 
3/4" Clitoris Cylinder
 Price: $30.00


Item #400-2003 
1 1/4" Clitoris Cylinder
 Price: $40.00


Nipple Pumping with T-Hose
shown w/ Deluxe Hand Pump
and T-Hose Connector

Nipple Cylinders (Pair)

Item #400-3010 
1/2" Nipple Cylinders 
Price: $60.00


Item #400-3011
 5/8" Nipple Cylinders 
Price: $60.00


Item #400-3012 
3/4" Nipple Cylinders 
Price: $60.00


Item #400-3013 
1 1/4" Nipple Cylinders
 Price: $80.00


The "Camel Toe" Creator!

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