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The WWC Story

Once upon a time, long before the days of on-line internet shopping and virtual play sessions, an avid member of the BDSM Fetish community (such as myself at the time!) needed to search months, sometimes years to find that perfect toy or restraint! Going to play parties and eyeing someone's new toy that they picked up over in Europe was cause for more weeks and months, maybe years of searching for that same toy! 

           Now, we literally have the world at our finger tips! However, with the ease and plenitude of products on the world wide web, there has been a backlash and overabundance of  poor quality and poor customer service. So, a few years ago, after personally experiencing several regrettable transactions, I decided to launch, in an effort to supply good quality products and personal customer service. 

Since that time, WWC has grown into one of the most complete fetish and BDSM bondage mail-order catalogs and websites out there. Specializing in unique leather products, steel restraints, medical instruments and devices as well as institutional bondage restraints, the inventories continue to expand over the years, adding more vexing and extraordinary items. lives by its original mission, providing the most  innovative and imaginative BDSM bondage and clinical devices, combined with the best customer service and reasonably priced high quality products. 

            Our customers have come back to us over and over, again. They send us supportive and encouraging eMails, recommend us in various on-line and real time groups along with BDSM play clubs and organizations .
  We've listened and will continue to listen. 

 This truly is the most satisfying experience any small business can have!  Thank you so much for visiting. We look forward to your returning again and again, as we continue to grow! 

                                                                     -Sebastian Wood 

                                                                                Purveyor of Perve

"...The average person looks to horror movies and horror fiction and fantastic fiction generally for a taste of the forbidden. 
S&M is one of those forbidden areas. One of my great regrets about S&M is how public it's become..."       - Clive Barker

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