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 Nipple Clamps and CBT and Breast  Torture
Nipple Clamp Set
Nipple Clamp Tweezers Ball Weights CBT
Nipple Clover Clamp Set Rubber Tipped Forceps Vibrating Nipple Clamps
Vibrating (Wireless) Bullet Clamps Nipple Clamps Magnetic Weights Electro Nipple Clamps

Nipple Clamps with 6 oz. Magnetic Weights
Nipple Clamps Magnetic Weights
Another delightful way to slowly drive your mad! With these six magnetic weights (each one weighs one ounce and there are six on each clamp!) being added one at a time (or all at once!.. if you so choose to do so!) will keep them in suspense and anguish! The adjustable clamp section is very versatile, so it can work on other "regions of the body"

We also have spare magnets! (oh, I hear the whimpering...) Yes! Great for counting games, of course!! "One...two...three... uh, was that four or seven?"

Sold as a pair (of course!!)

Item# 530-4005
Price: $29.00/pair with 12 magnets


Electrode Nipple Testicle Clamps

MyStim Bi-Polar Body Clamps (Pair)
The Mystim Bi-polar Body Clamps are an accessory for the TENS Unit or the Mystim Stimulation Unit. These clamps are carefully designed using gold plated contacts for the most intense and continuous stimulation. The bi-polar connection allows only the area between the clamps to be stimulated creating a safe connection for using on both nipples simultaneously.

  • Length 63in (160cm)
  • 2 Body Clamps
  • Gold plated contacts

Nipples/Testicle Body Clamps Bi-polar Electrodes (Pair)
Item #200-7120

Price: $69.95


Nipple Clamps Barrel Style Chrome and Black
Deluxe Barrel Style
 Nipple Clamps

  These nipple clamps are not for the faint of heart (or other parts!). They were originally designed by the military (really!?) and they still have the same heavy duty look... and feel! They are tough and weighty, too!! The easy twisting mechanism is powerfully deceptive – one turn goes a long way. Sturdy link chain connects the two barrels – a must have for the well-stocked clinic or dungeon.

Deluxe Adjustable Barrel Clamps
Item #530-3010
   Price $32.95


Vibrating Pinchers
Vibrating Pinchers
Almost the same idea as a clothespin, but much, much more devious! These vibrating pincher clamps have an adjustable thumbscrew and a push button to turn on the vibrations! Nipples, labia, cock and balls will never be safe from these nasty devils... so get multiple pairs for multiple locations!! Batteries included!
(Requires 6 watch/pair and you get 12!)

Dimensions: Overall 2.5""x 1.5""(6 cm x 4 cm)
Clamp  1""x .75" (3 cm x 2 cm)

  Choice of Purple [shown below] or Black [shown above].
Nipple Vibrators Purple
Vibrating Nipple Pincher Clamps
Price: $25.95/Pair

Vibrating Pinchers Color Selections

Stainless Steel Ball (Scrotum) Weights Stretchers
CBT Ball Weights 
w/Allen Wrench

Now here's a weighty issue! It's our CBT Ball Weights! Made of surgical stainless steel the two piece design, including its own allen wrench for ease of "squeezing" around the ball (scrotum) sack. They come in a few sizes and are very heavy! These are truly serious ball stretchers for a fit and feel and function like no other!  All are standard 1.38" (35 mm) inner diameter.

Item # 540-4001
0.6" (15 mm) wide
5.3 oz. (150 grams)
Price: $78.00

Item # 540-4002
1.0" (25 mm) wide
9.7 oz. (275 grams)
Price: $88.00

Item # 540-4003
1.6" (40 mm) wide
15.9 oz. (450 grams)
Price: $98.00

CBT Ball Weights  Size Choices


Tweezers Nipple Clamps
Nipple Clamp Tweezers
Okay... let's put the squeeze on! These tweezers style nipple clamps are "clinically" approved as the "tight as you can go" nipple or ball sack clamps!
The sliding ring squeezes the rubber tipped prongs together... as tightly as you like! The heavy "jeweled finish" steel chain really adds some weight to the situation!

Item# 530-3001
Price: $18.95


Nipple Vacuum
Pumping Cylinders

Nipple/Clit Vacuum Cylinders

For serious nipple enhancement and enlargement, these nipple cylinders will do the job! They are designed with the same comfort style as the penis cylinders, but are much, much smaller to fit correctly over the nipples...

Available in:

 Small = 1/2" wide 
Medium = 5/8" wide 
Large = 3/4" wide
X-Large = 1 1/4" wide

    Don't Forget The Vacuum Pump!

Click here for sizing!

Measure and order accurately... for hygiene reasons, we can not accept returns or exchanges on the penis cylinders, nipple cylinders and/or pussy cups! So measure twice to be sure!

Nipple Cylinders (Pair)

Item #400-3010 
1/2" Nipple Cylinders 
Price: $60.00


Item #400-3011
 5/8" Nipple Cylinders 
Price: $60.00


Item #400-3012 
3/4" Nipple Cylinders 
Price: $60.00


Item #400-3013 
1 1/4" Nipple Cylinders
 Price: $80.00


Japanese Nipple
Clover Clamp Set
Nipple Clover Clamp Set - Japanese
Yes, these exotic Japanese style nipple clamps are so popular! They work great on labia and ball sacks, too! The connecting heavy jeweled chain is perfect for adding weights or tugging for additional... pure pleasure!

Item# 530-3000
Price: $24.95


Nipple Pumping with T-Hose
Nipple Cylinders shown w/ Hand Pump
and T-Hose Connector

Rubber Tip Forceps
Rubber Tipped Forceps
Rubber "grippers" which fit inside the holes of the tip of this forceps and the adjustable ratcheted closure controlled by the fingers make them a must have for the nipple play, balls, labia or practically anything! You'll want to get two of these... 
for obvious reasons!!

Item# 480-4030
Price: $13.95


Vibrating (Wireless) Bullet Clamps
Vibrating (Wireless) Bullet Clamps
Oh, these are too cool! Nasty nipple/labia/CBT clamps with a definite edge: push button wireless vibration. Yes... simply push the little button on the bottom and let the stimulation begin!

They run on small watch type batteries (included). The "bullet" section is approx. 3" X 1" and the clamps are adjustable for maximum pleasure (or pain!). We sent a bouquet of thorns to the inventor of these nasties!!


Item# 530-6005
Price: $34.95 


Body Pressure Cuff Set 
 Yes, it's what the real med-folks use for checking blood pressure, but we have something more diabolical in mind! Just wrap, close with the velcro strip and pump the inner bladder for a nice tight squeeze! Get all three sizes for multiple body parts squeezing, like penis, cock & balls, breasts... you get the idea! The set includes the pressure meter, pressure cuff, pump and case, also!

  • Small is 10" X 3" (great for penis and small wrists)
  • Medium is 14" X 4.25" (great for combo cock & ball or ankles) 
  • Large is 21" X 6" (great for arms, legs or breasts)

Body Pressure Cuffs
Price: $42.00

Body Pressure Cuff Size Selections


Nasty Nipple Jaws
Vibrating Nipple Clamps

click on image for larger detail  
Seriously heavy duty Vibrating nipple clamps... wow!! Our "vyber clamps" have an extra strong, full 2 1/4" clamping fixture with an adjustment thumbscrew. These are made for toughies... they are strong! Use them on the nipples, ball sack or anywhere your imagination pleases! The wired-in remote control allows for varying degrees of intensity and is very powerful with only 2 AA batteries!

Adjustable Speed Vibrating Clamps
Item #530-6000
Price: $48.95

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