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MEDICAL TOYS      Page 1
Wartenberg Pinwheel Retractor Seven Row Pinhweel
Straight Edge Razor Paramedic Scissors Surgical Bandage Scissors
17 Piece Cupping Set
14 Piece Glass Cupping Set Medical Page #2

Wartenberg Wheel

Our namesake medical fetish toy...the original concept and design of a wartenberg pinwheel or medically known as the neurological wheel was the ingenuity of the great Dr. Wartenberg.

His brilliant device was used to test the nerve reactions as it glided across the skin.

Now, we kinky fetish folks have come up with more nasty uses for the good Dr. Wartenberg's  little neuro-pinwheel with the stainless steel 
ultra sharp pins rolling on the skin! It is an absolute must have for any BDSM dungeon, clinic, toy box or doctor bag!

So, get one... or two pinwheels! One for each hand!! One for each breast, ball or nipple!! They are great for anywhere on the body and two make it even more tantalizing and often, unbearable!!

Wartenberg Pin Wheel/ Neurowheel

Pinwheel BDSM Wartenberg

Stainless steel, 7" long with sharp pins which rotate around as it rolls across the flesh. Ouch!

Wartenberg Pinwheel
Item# 480-2040
Price: $12.95


7 Row Pin Wheel
click photo for more images
Wartenberg Pinwheel Seven
A fantastic twist on the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel, seven rows of individually spinning wheels of pins (like needles!) roll over your body like a meat tenderizer! Let it im-press you, let it make its point with you...

 • Length is 7 inches (17.8 cm)
 • Circumference of wheel is 4 inches (10.2 cm)
 • Weight is 0.232 pounds (3.70 oz)

Pinwheel Seven
Item #480-2050

Price: $35.00

9" long solid steel... sounds good already! The "hook" end has six sharp edged curved prongs and with its holes in the handle, it's great for bondage to various body parts.

Sharp Retractor
Item# 480-2030

Price: $18.95


Pair Of Retractors
Item# 480-2031

Save! Get 2 for $32.00


Paramedic Scissors
Paramedic Scissors

Official professional paramedic scissors used my EMS folks! They will cut through anything, especially rope and tape! 7 1/2" long with black plastic handle. They're the "Ginzu Knife" of the scissors world!

Item #480-2021
 Price: $7.00


There is nothing like the nice, clean, smooth feeling of skin after a fresh close shave. Every submissive will feel excitement
beyond compare as they experience the slow careful glide of a straight edge razor across their body. The entire ordeal can be a ritual in itself! So get out the shaving cream and lather up! 

Straight Edge Razor
Straight Edge Razor
Shaving prior to an operation was SOP (standard operating procedure!), so how can you go without one of these in your medical collection. Sharp steel blades folds into the sleek black handle. So neat and compact, yet so sinister!

Black Handle Straight Razor
Item# 480-2000
Price: $10.95


White Handle Straight Razor
Item# 480-2001
Price: $10.95


Surgical Bandage Scissors
Surgical Bandage Scissors
These 7" long stainless steel lister bandage scissors are obviously designed for cutting bandages with their blunt lower tip which gets under the "bandage" or wrapping, without cutting the skin. Just a cut above!

Surgical Bandage Scissors
Item #480-2020
 Price: $7.25

17 Piece Cupping Set
17 Piece Cupping Set
Large 17 piece vacuum cupping set with pistol grip pump. The cups vary in size and come in a handy carrying case and how-to instructions!

17 Pc. Cupping Set
Item #420-3001 

Price: $64.95


Glass 14 Piece Cupping Set 
14 Piece Glass Cupping Set
The premier set! The highest quality and most powerful cupping set we've ever seen. The cups are made of strong glass and works with a hand pull vacuum pump. It comes in a carrying case with a handle

14 pc. Glass Cupping Set
Item #420-4000

Price:  $145.00 




Cupping Sets

Fire cups and cupping sets are based on the oriental method of using suction to pull impurities of the body through the surface of the skin. In Medical Fetish play, they are  just so diverse! They can be used on so many areas... breast, nipples, penis,  even the buttocks! The cup's suction leaves a temporary "hickey" mark on the spot it was attached. 

Here's an example of what to expect when playing with cupping sets:


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