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Straight Jackets and Institutional Cuffs & Restraints
Canvas Straight Jacket Steel Cock Chastity Cuff
Restrictive Leg Braces Instituitional Blindfold
Humane Restraint Institutional Cuffs
Institutional Ball Gags
Institutional Sensory Deprivation Hood Leather Strait Jackets

Strait Jacket 
Canvas Straight Jacket - Heavy Duty
This is it! An authentic institutional strait jacket (also seen spelled as straight jacket or str8jacket) used in institutions and clinics to keep those uncontrollable patients under control! 

Heavy duty washable canvas with strong locking leather straps and a leather crotch strap this straight jacket is the original outfit for the maximum in institutional and clinical restraint.
It's the real thing! Not a fad or knock-off!

Institutional Strait Jacket

Item #600-2000
= Chest 36 - 42
 Price: $175.95


Item #600-2001 
= Chest 42 - 46
Price: $175.95


Item #600-2002 
= Chest 46 - 48
Price: $175.95


Item #600-2003 
= Chest 48 - 52
Price: $185.95


The long history of this jacket touts from medieval times to famous magicians to modern use in hospitals, prisons and even some infamous movie scenes! (Remember the Lady Sings the Blues or One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest straitjacket scenes?)  It is the ultimate in bondage for both the bonder (for its aesthetic and authenticity value) and the bondee (for its superior upper body restraint)!

Looking for Leather Strait Jackets?

Leather Straight Jacket
Click here

Humane Restraints
Institutional Cuffs

Humane Restraint's Cuffs
The real McCoy! The real deal! Known worldwide as a leader of restraints, these Humane Restraint cuffs are the heavy leather, thickly padded and locking restraints actually used in hospitals and correctional institutions! The locking straps are made of durable plastic for hygiene, with a uniquely designed locking mechanism... no patient will dare try to escape! Sold as a pair, of course!

Available in three sizes.

Item #600-4000 
15" Wrist set
Price: $125.95


Item #600-4001 
 16" Ankle set

Price: $130.95

Item #600-4002
19" X-Large set
Price: $135.95

Cock Cuff Chastity Device
Locking Cuff-Cock Chastity Device
It's a Handcuff ... it's a locking cock chastity device... oh, it's both! Ingenious and extremely intimidating, the idea of using a locking stainless steel handcuff with a steel penis tube is just what the Doctor ordered for those patients who can't behave! All their pleasure is under your lock and key! The opened end allows for use 24-7 (letting out the liquids: if you allow!) It is 100% Steel Male Chastity -cock torture encasement!

The Tube is 1 3/8" i.d. and  3.5" long

Item #550-1200
Cock Cuff Chastity Device
Price: $158.95

Institutional Blindfold
Leather Institutional Disc Blindfold

Take your medical fetish scenes to the next level... an institutional tan leather  blindfold will make that happen! It assures that your 'patient' will be unable to peek at whatever kinky procedure may be next! The lockable buckle makes it highly secure, yet the soft fleece lining makes it so comfortable to the one lucky enough to wear it!
Back View of Institutional Blindfold
• Strap adjusts from 18.5" to 24.75" (47cm-62.9cm)

 • Eye covers measure 3" x 3.75"
(7.6cm x 9.5cm)
eye pad views
 • Made of tanned cowhide, soft natural fleece, and nickel-plated steel hardware.

Institutional Disc Blindfold
Item #560-2011
Price: $45.95


Institutional Ball Gags
Institutional Ball Gags
A medical grade silicone ball gag in "Institutional" tan and white leather with lockable buckle straps silences any dispute that this is now a full medical scene!

Ball Gag sizes
The gags are available with two different ball sizes...for those who like to push their limits, the 2" version of our perfect medical fetish ball gag is just what the Doctor and Nurse ordered!  For beginners and those petite mouth patients (there are quite a few, actually!), we also offer the 1 5/8" ball gag... Get both for different types of scene levels, too!

Lockable Buckle
Institutional Ball Gags
Price: $28.95/each

Item #570-4200 2" Ball Gag
Item #570-4201 1 5/8" Ball Gag

Choose Ball Gag Size

Institutional Sensory
Deprivation Hood
Institutional Sensory Deprivation Hood
Our Institutional Sensory Deprivation Hood is an exquisite leather hood featuring internal pads over the ears, eyes and mouth areas to block out sound and light, as well as provide a more snug and comfortable fit. There are three sturdy, adjustable sizing straps with lockable buckles; one at the collar and two more surrounding the head. The collar also has three heavy-duty metal D-rings to allow additional bondage gear attachments. Completely adjustable, straps and back lacing make this hood an incredible fit.

 Contrasting tan lacing runs from the top of the head to the nape of the neck, and a soft leather inner panel prevents hair from becoming tangled in the laces. A grommeted metal opening in the front of the hood allows your patient/sub/slave to breathe! With the senses dulled, there is nothing to do but focus on the pure sense of pleasure or pain... whatever that may be!
Once it is laced up and cinched, it will be obvious why we call it the ultimate in sensory deprivation!

Prefer all BLACK LEATHER for this hood?

Available in two sizes:
Small/Medium [
11.5" to 18.5" neck]

Medium/Large [fits 15" to 20.5" neck

Institutional Sensory
Deprivation Hood
Size Small/Medium
Item #580-3015 
Price: orig. $395.00
now only $320.95


Institutional Sensory
Deprivation Hood
Size Medium/Large
Item #580-3016
Price: orig. $415.00
now only $340.95


Restrictive Leg Braces
Restrictive Leg Braces

A pair of the ultimate in institutional hobbling!! These leg braces are made with highest quality of steel and nylon straps and the ankle strap is heavy duty leather! A truly unique restraint device! They are the "real deal" used in transporting prisoners, etc. For the serious bondage enthusiast, they are it!
Kit includes a carrying case!
Item #600-8000
Price: $450.00/Complete Set
2 Leg Braces and a Carrying Case


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