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Stainless Steel Toys & Sounds
Vibrating Urethral Sound
Hegar Sound Set Prostate Stimulation
Pratt Sound Set Bullet Sound Set NEW! Lancia Urethra Insert

Sounds and Sound Sets
Sounds, sounds sets and urethral dilators... whatever you choose to call them, we have them! We continue to add more really unique new sound sets, too...   We have some rare sets which will add nicely to any collection for even more intense and extraordinary experiences!  Be sure to go through the entire page here.... you'll be quite pleased that you did! If you need help with sizes (like, "what the heck is FR?) use our handy size conversion chart!

The Bud/Bullet Sounds  what beauties they are! A truly unique set of various sized, long, straight rods with rounded shaped tips... a unique sensations and stretch during insertion!! You'll be the envy of every kinky fetish party! And don't forget the Surgi-Lube and Latex Gloves!!

Bullet (Bakes) Sounds Set
Bullet Sound Set
The Bakes sounds are unique in the respect that only 3/4" to 1 1/4" of the sound actually dilates the urethra, which translates to a very small contact area within the urethra. The smaller the contact area as the sound travels through the urethra the greater the stimulation.     

Each set of Bakes Sounds includes 9 sounds that are 12 inches long and range in size from 18fr (6mm) to 40fr (13mm). 

Each of the various types of urethral sounds have its own unique tactile feel as it travels through your urethra and the Bakes (Bullet) Sounds have the smallest contact area of any of the urethral sounds. The smaller the contact, the more intense the stimulation, which translates to the following analogy:

Place your hand flat on a table and your spread the pressure out across a large area, while more physical area may be stimulated and in contact; you feel a very mild sense of pressure. However, if you place your hand with the same amount of pressure on a needle or tack you feel a much sharper sensation due to pressure be applied to a smaller area. Point made...

Now apply the above to the sensation you can expect with a Bakes sound over other sounds. Substitute the needle or tack in the above example for the top of a broom handle and you can now get a good idea for the difference in stimulation you will feel over over sounds. The Bakes will provide a greater sense of travel and feel more like a ball bearing traveling through your urethra than a metal shaft (any other urethral sound). Remember, as with all insertable play, use lots of lube!
Care & Cleaning: Warm water and anti- bacterial dish soap, and allow to air dry,
wipe down with alcohol before use. Remember make sure both hands and the sound are very clean before starting sound play. Surgical Gloves are a great idea, and never use sounds on more than one person.

Bakes/Bullet Sound Set
Item# 240-4005

Price: $85.00


Urethral Sound Size Conversion Table  FR/mm/inch (Outer Diameter)

FR 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26
mm 4 4.7 5.3 6 6.7 7.4 8 8.7
inch 0.16 0.185 0.21 0.24 0.265 0.295 0.32 0.345

FR 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 48
mm 9.4 10 10.7 11.3 12 12.7 13.4 14 16
inch 0.375 0.4 0.425 0.455 0.48 0.5 0.53 0.55 0.

Vibrating Urethral Sound Vibrating Urethral Sound

Looking for a completely mind-messing experience? Here it is... the urethral sound that vibrates! Just one little "AAA battery" and you are ready for the ride of your life! The full length is just over 7 inches, of which the "insertable" length is about 4.25 inches and is approximately .25 inches (between 18-20fr) wide. The thumbscrew on the end rotates to turn the vibrator on and off and can vary the vibration a bit, too! It packs quite a powerful z-z-z-zing for the ol' ding-a-ling!!

Vibrating Urethral Sound
Item# 240-2020
Price: $98.00


Lancia Urethral Insert
Insert for Penis Urethra - Lancia

For "seasoned" Sound-Players, this uniquely shaped penis urethral insert is designed on the premise of  Urethral Sounds with some extra "added-value"! It's called The Lancia!  It features a tapered tip and solid frame for intense, but pleasure-packed sensations. The Lancia eases into the penis with an easy-to-grip end. It is made of stainless steel so it is non-porous, hygienic, easy to sterilize, temperature sensitive, and impact resistant.
Lancia Inserted

Size: 3.95" long
3" insertable
0.25" shaft diameter (approx. 20FR)
0.38" max insertable diameter (approx. 28FR)

Material: Stainless steel

Lancia Urethral Insert
Item# 240-2015
Price: $39.95

Hegar Sound Set
Hegar Sound Set
The complete Sound Set includes 8 Hegar stainless steel sounds sizes 3-4. 5-6, 7-8, 8-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18 all in a nicely red velvet lined zipper case! This is the versatile set! They're great in any orifice since they range in so many sizes! ...penal, anal, vaginal...' know of any others? 

Hegar Sounds Set
Item# 240-4020

Price: $65.00


Pratt Sounds Set
Pratt Sound Set
 This set's unique attributes are its solid stainless steel penetrator rods weight (the entire set is 2 1/2 pounds!!) and length almost 12" (30 cm)! The eight double sided sounds sizes begin at FR13/15 and go up to FR41/43, large enough for some uniquely stimulating anal play! This set as all of our sound sets, comes in its own velvet-lined zipper case! Are you ready to step up to these heavy weights? 

Pratt Sounds Set
Item# 240-4025

Price: $85.00


Black Nitrile Gloves 

It's the snap of the glove that gets everyone's attention... they'll keep you nice and clean and everyone else nice and nervous! They're perfect for anal-play, sound-play, cath-play, enema-play and much more... 

Box of 100 Gloves for $20.95
Latex Glove Sizes


Surgical Lubricant
Surgical Lube
  Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly.
This is a 4 oz. tube.

Item# 460-2000
Price: $7.95


Prostate Stimulation

Milking the prostate has been used for centuries to rejuvenate the prostate gland, and rejuvenate the area. This can help prevent and relieve many prostate related problems, including sexual dysfunction.

Aneros Vibrating Prostate Plug
Vibrating Vice Pro-Gasm
Prostate Stimulator

The Vice Pro-Gasm was anatomically designed to rest comfortably against the prostate for a safe yet mind-blowing massage. Made from FDA approved materials, the Vice is formed from a high quality medical grade silicone with a satin finish that offers unique comfort, fit and staying power... but it's a dream to clean up! and easy-to-clean experience. Our Stainless Steel vibrator was also custom designed specifically to enhance the orgasms acheived through prostate massage. The removeable vibrator in itself is a work of art, machined out of Stainless Steel with a beautiful brushed finish, ready to give you hours of pleasure. Designed with purpose and looks fit for a museum, are you ready to reveal your Vice?
Vibrator Infor for Progasm Vice
click on image for larger detail & info

Simply slide the bullet into the shaft of the Vice and feel the entire anal canal being stimulated. It measures 4 inches in overall height and has an insertable length of approx 3.5 inches with a max diameter of 1.25 inches.

Note: The unique shape, design and vibrational power of this tool works better for those more experienced with prostate/anal play. It may be a bit "overwhelming" for the beginner who is not familiar with the sensations of  prostate milking and massage.

Vibrating Male G-Spot Massager
Vice Vibrating Pro-Gasm
Item# 320-2015
  Price: $159.95

Stainless Steel Prostate
 Pfun Plug
Prostate Fun Anal Butt Plug

With fun and function in mind, this stainless steel butt plug offers a unique Prostate G-Spot direct-hit sensation! Perfect for prostate milking, thanks to its ingenious ring-handle or use it as an insertable butt plug toy during sex, role play or bondage games!

The smooth hand-polished finish is impressive to see and fantastic to feel!


  • Ergonomically designed to target the prostate
  • Approx 4.75" end to end
  • 3.5" long insertable length
  • 1.25" wide sculpted head
  • Weight is 11 oz. (310 grams)
  • Packaged in a beautiful sleeved black box with fuchsia satin lining
  • Cast in 316 medical grade stainless steel and hand polished to a mirror shine
  • Completely non-porous, so they can be cleaned or sterilized by any means
  • Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play
  • Suitable for use with any type of lubricant

Stainless Steel Prostate Pfun Plug
Item #320-5042 
Price: $89.95


Anal/Rectal Dilators Set
Anal/Rectal Dilator Set
Each Anal-Rectal Dilator set includes 5 plugs, which gradually increase in size. The idea is to start out and work your way up byinserting the plug, first, then holding it in position over periods of 15 minutes or so for maximum stretching. Each plug is made of smooth TPE for comfortable insertion and has a flared base for easy removal.

 Total Lengths (small to large):
3.5", 4", 4.25", 4.5", 5"
 Total Widths (small to large):
1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2"

Item #300-6020
Price: $58.00 only $29.95


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