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Erotic Electro-sex Stimulation for T.E.N.S.
Everyone is intrigued by the idea of erotic electrostimulation as a way to take your sexual pleasure to levels of intensity! Well, now we can offer the opportunity to do so... and stay within your budget! These are perfect for the beginner who wants to try electro-sex for the first time or for those who are still unsure of the concept, but are seriously curious!

And for those more advance electro-players, who need the "big guns", visit our
PES Electrostimulation product line for the Power Box & electrodes that will blow your mind!

TENS Unit SetElectro-Stimulator TENS

The TENS unit or electro-
stimulator comes complete with two sets of leads (the banana-style plugs on the end of the leads also work on the Bi-polar Body Clamps!), 4 self-sticking hypoallergenic pads, an instruction booklet and yes, the 9V battery is included!

Easy to use and definitely and easy on the wallet, this kit has everything you need to get started. Then add any of the MyStim Electrodes for more unique electro-play!

Don't forget to get some spare pads!

Electro-Stim TENS Unit Set
Item # 200-6000

Price: $95.95


TENS Adhesive Pads Spares
Did you already wear out those electrode pads for your TENS Unit? Are they not "sticking" well enough for you, anymore? Well, fear not! We just happen to have the spares! They come 4 pads with  attached leads in a set... So grab a set or two so you are ready for those rainy days! ... don't forget to extend the life of that zzzapp! by using the conductive gel, too!

TENS Spare Pads
Item #200-6200
 Price: $14.95


Electro-sex Starter Kit MyStim
click on image for larger image

Electro-sex Stimulation Starter Kit
 by MyStim of Germany

This easy to use will help get you going with electro-stim play!  Instructions booklet included. Read more details on the kit...

Also, be sure to get additional MyStim accessories!
(below and to the right

MyStim Starter Kit
Item #200-7000

Price: $198.95


Enjoy Erotic Electro-sex at your fingertips! ...

Soft, safe electrical impulses stimulate and excite wherever and however you like! Discover a new way to add an intense orgasm to sex and role play scenes.

 This advanced multi-function unit sends electro-sensations through a similar operation, like the TENS unit... but this special unit has additional accessories available for vaginal, anal penis and testicle stimulation!

Why wait any longer to try it?
Discover your love of erotic electro-stimulation, easily and affordably. These will keep you coming back for more and more (literally!)... easy to use, easy to add more accessories and very easy on the wallet!

    click on image for larger image

Product information:

2 individually adjustable channels, capable of controlling two separate stimulators

7 different programs, from soft to intense

Timer feature; program sessions for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 minutes

Intensity, pulse width and pulse rate can all be controlled by the user

Presets and the switch positions can be saved

Extra large display

Flexible belt clip

Certified CE 0483

Kit Includes:

1 Analog MyStim electro-sex stimulation current unit

1 Solid plastic carry case

4 Self-adhesive electrodes

2 Connecting wires for self-adhesive electrodes

Instruction manual in English, German and French

Technical Data:

Asymmetrical bi-phasic square pulse

Intensity: 0 - 80 mA

Frequency: 2 - 160 Hz

Impulse width: 50 - 260

Weight: 170g including battery

Measures: 128 x 70 x 26 mm (l x b x h)

Battery: 9V battery
Penis Testicle Accessory for MYSTim Unit
click on image for larger image

Mystim "Rodeo Robin"
Penis & Testicle Strap Set

Yes!... these are a great idea! Tighten the silicone straps around the penis and ball sack, connect to your Mystim Sexual Stimulation Unit or the TENS unit and then hang on to your bronco, Billy... you're going for a wild ride!

Wrapping these straps around the penis, while being connected to the unit has been compared to the sensations of a silky, smooth hand job - but without the hands! Likewise using the smooth silicone bands for the testicles, with an adjustment via the simple clips.

For best effect, place the smaller 35cm ring around the head of the penis and the larger 40cm ring around the testicles then tighten until comfortable.

Includes instructions.

Overall Penis Strap Length: 35cm
Overall Testicle Strap Length: 40cm

"Rodeo Robin" Penis/Testicle Electrode
Item #200-7110

Price: $48.95


Electro-Stim Butt Plug Large for the MyStim unit
click on image for larger image

MyStim Butt Plug Electrode

Made of hand-polished medical aluminum, this fabulous quality plug provides perfectly amazing orgasms.

Plug into the Mystim Electro Sex Stimulation Unit (or the TENS Unit) and indulge in the subtlest of pulses up to the most powerful throbbing! Instructions included.

Overall length: 3.6"
Insertable length: 3"
Circumference: 5" (approx.)

My Stim Butt Plug Electrode
Item #200-7100

Price: $138.50


Urethral Sound Electrode

click on image for larger image

MyStim Urethral Sound Electrode

The Mystim Thin Finn Urethral Sound is made of hand polished medical aluminum. The smooth 9.8 inch sound when gently introduced into the tip of the penis stimulates the urethra creating an intense sensation. Plug into the Mystim Electro Sex Stimulation Unit (or the TENS Unit) using plenty of lube to gently slide the sound in. The Thin Finn can be warmed in hot water or cooled in the refrigerator for more variation during sensory play.


  • Length is 9.8" (25.0cm)
  • Diameter is 0.3" (0.8cm)
  • Weight .088 lbs (1.41oz)
  • Made of hand polished medical aluminum

Safety, Care and Usage

Please clean thoroughly before and after use with warm water and soap. Always be well educated when playing with urethral sounds to avoid injury. Never force a sound into the urethra, allow it to gently guide itself in naturally.

MyStim "Slim Finn"
Urethral Sound Electrode
Item #200-7115

Price: $89.50


Oval Dildo from MYStim Electro-Stimulation

click on image for larger image

MyStim "Ovals" Dildo Accessory

Oval the edge... oh, actually over the edge... that's what you'll say and feel with this beautifully designed, polished aluminum "Ovals" Dildo. Cool in the fridge or warm by the heater for added thrills. Ideal for anal or vaginal stimulation, this lustrous metal dildo slides in with ease.

The 2 oval shaped ridges add to the waves of pleasure - the first being full of electro sensations and the second being inactive but smooth and sleek to the touch. Combined, it'll give you an experience unlike anything else!

Use with Mystim Sexual Stimulation Unit or the TENS unit. Instructions included.

Overall length: 5.5 inches
Insertable length: 5 inches
Circumference: 4.5 inches

MyStim "Oval" Anal/Vaginal Accessory
Item #200-7105

Price: $114.50


Electrode Nipple Testicle Clamps

MyStim Bi-Polar Body Clamps (Pair)
The Mystim Bi-polar Body Clamps are an accessory for the TENS Unit or the Mystim Stimulation Unit. These clamps are carefully designed using gold plated contacts for the most intense and continuous stimulation. The bi-polar connection allows only the area between the clamps to be stimulated creating a safe connection for using on both nipples simultaneously.

  • Length 63in (160cm)
  • 2 Body Clamps
  • Gold plated contacts

Nipples/Testicle Body Clamps Bi-polar Electrodes (Pair)
Item #200-7120

Price: $69.95


How it all works

Erotic electro stimulation interacts directly with nerve endings, which is actually passing a small AC or pulsed DC current through the body. In the same way a T.E.N.S. unit works, the power source for electro-sex units tune in on the nerve endings, harmonizing with the body's own electrical impulses. After reaching a good power level, the frequency and pulse rates can be adjusted until the desired response is reached in the form of Erotic Electro Stimulation. Using any toys in role play, requires safety, sanity and consensual agreements... be sure to read the safe play tips!

Physiologically speaking, when properly adjusted for power and frequency, the erotic electrical devices amplify natural electrical impulses at the nerve endings. Electro Stimulation increases the nerve impulses from low to high frequency levels, and result in an interplay with the reaction of individuals to these devices which can vary, since not everyone processes the sensations the same way. Most, however, do achieve mind blowing orgasms as well as long, "rolling" and undulating multi-orgasms. As with any role play, in time most learn to reprocess the sensations, and thus experience them as something almost unbearably pleasurable! 

Spectra Gel
This is the gel that is used for electro-conductivity. Yes, that's right, it helps the zapping process! Not much is needed to do the job, so this 8.5 ounces of goo will definitely go... er zap... a long way! It's salt-free and hypoallergenic, too! 

Spectra Gel
Item #460-8030

Price: $12.95

Surgical Lubricant
Surgical Lube
(note: manufacturer's pacakging may differ)

Surgical lubricant is a sterile, water soluble, non-staining lubricating jelly. It is especially formulated for surgical and gynecological lubrication.
This is a 4 oz. tube.

Surgical Lubricant
Item #460-2000

Price: $7.95


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