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What is a Camel Toe ?
Camel Toe is the tight "V" shape with the slight cleavage made
by the fullness of the outer labia being "creased" 
by panties or tight fitting shorts and jeans.

Camel Toe (KAM·uhl toh) n. [slang]
...the protrusion through tight jeans (underwear, shorts, bikini bottoms, etc.) of a female's genital labia; resembling the cleft division of toes on a camel's hoof.

Pussy Pumping Cups
Want that "Camel Toe"!? We have just what you need to create it! These pussy cups are quality made, designed for comfort and long term usage!

click on photo for larger detail
Small = 3.5"L X 2.5"W X 2" D
Medium = 4.0" X 3.0" X 2 1/8" D
Large = 4.5"L X 3.5" W X 2.25" D

Measurements are inner dimensions.
 D = Deep

Be sure to measure accurately!

Don't Forget The Vacuum Pump!
Or get big savings with a kit!

Measure and order accurately... for hygiene reasons, we can not accept returns or exchanges on the penis cylinders, nipple cylinders and/or pussy cups! So measure twice to be sure!
Click here for sizing!

Pussy Pumping Cups

Price: $85.00

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Pussy Cup Demo

Efficient Vacuum Hand Pump
Vacuum Pump

  Our latest addition to the offerings for vacuum pumping, this pump is so easy to use and just as easy on the budget! Lighter weight all metal construction with rubber grip handles make it a must have for all of your pumping needs! Just like the deluxe vacuum pump, it works with a single-handed "squeeze the trigger" method and the vacuum pressure gauge accurately displays the vacuum readings of your pumping routine from 0-30 inches Hg (Hg = mercury!) or 0-76 cm Hg. It comes ready to use with the hose and coupling attachment for all of our various penis, clitoris and nipple tubes and/or cylinders and pussy (labia) cups. 

Item #400-8001

  Vacuum Hand Pump 
Price:  $75.00


Pumping Lube
Pumper's Lube
This is the definitive lube made of a Silicone formula; it's safe and has the long lasting effect needed for use with any pumping devices. Get the maximum suction power! All in uniquely designed no spill, no mess bottles!

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